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Launch Your Brand SERP Optimisation Service

A platform to help you efficiently help your clients to manage Brand SERPs and trigger Knowledge Panels.

Done for You Service

We can do all the boring and geeky work, so sit and relax and wait for your groovy Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel

Do it Yourself with our Courses

Beginner or a pro, our courses can help you advance your Branding skills on search engines.


Kalicube Pro SaaS Platform

Kalicube Pro is a SaaS Platform that provides Online Reputation Management, SEO and digital marketing professionals with the data and tools they need to optimise Brand SERPs and manage Knowledge Panels on Google for their clients.



Done for You Service

No shortcuts, no spam and no risk of Google penalties. Backed by 10 years of experience, we organically manage
Brand SERPs and trigger Google Knowledge Panels.



Do it Yourself with our Courses

An easy-to-follow course that will give you a concrete understanding of how to manage your Brand SERP, trigger SERP features you want, remove negative results and trigger a Knowledge Panel.


What People Are Saying

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

"Thanks to Kalicube, I am fully leveraging my Brand SERP … (it) authenticates me as an important guest (it’s like it gives me the Google stamp of approval).

I am psyched with my digital calling card / mini resume provided by Google. Thanks, Jason." 

G.Scott Graham

Author, Career Coach, and Business Coach

"Not only does Kalicube Pro provide a bespoke process for the Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel, but it also helps you curate all the information you need to deliver on the methodology." 

Matthew Heyes

Founder of Backpacker Job Board

"I really don’t understand how other agencies function without Kalicube Pro as the foundation of their work for their client.

You influenced my life, gave me and my family something that we never had before." 

Keeton Storts

CEO of 516 Marketing Inc.

Get Google's Stamp of Approval

The Knowledge Panel Checklist:

Educate Google Like You Would Teach a Child

By following the 17 points in this checklist, you will complete the Kalicube Process and, with some patience, you'll have your own Google Knowledge Panel.

Be Google & User-Friendly

How to Produce Great Copywriting for SEO in 2022
Free Guide

The must-have guide every copywriter needs for SEO. Write great copy for 2022 and beyond.

Make search engines happy and convert more clients.


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